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Nathan Rogers: Store

CD's for sale!!!

The Gauntlet - Brand-new CD!

Nathan's newest CD, a trip into the darker parts of the human condition, results in a fine showing of literary skill and musical taste. Again, featuring a wide range of styles from Tuvan throat singing to Ragtime to Rock and Roll.
Buy it online at Borealis Records, a great bunch of folks.
Borealis Records
Lots of great artists, basically all Canadian and a strong emphasis on songwriting. Perfect match for Nathan!

True Stories - Debut CD

Something for everyone! Nathan has clearly shown that he is a master of all styles in his debut CD. The album is a journey through roots traditions merged with contemporary arrangements. Fabulous stories are told though groovin’ Cajun blues, Maritime ballads, some good ol' Rock n’ Roll, and Tuvan throat singing. Emerging from familiar shadows, Nathan’s debut CD is both relevant to his generation and worthy of his surname.
Buy Online at CDBaby
The little online CD store that could. Shop around - you'll be amazed at what you will find. Also, they ship next day. Fabulous!
Download Tunes from True Stories on iTunes and other fine digital music stores.
Nathan's debut disc is available exclusively through CDBaby and Fogarty's Cove Music for hard copy. Nathan was left high and dry by his former distribution company without any notice. Sorry!