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Nathan Rogers: Links

More Nathan Rogers

My CD Baby Webpage
Listen, read and buy.

Canadian Funding Agencies Who Have Made My Career Possible

Manitoba Film and Sound
My most sincere thanks to MFS for assisting me financially with creating my album, True Stories. Thank you, and thank you again.
Canada Council for the Arts
Thanks you, Canada Council, for your touring financial assistance on my 2005 western Canada tour. It couldn't have been done without you (well, maybe, but I wouldn't have been able to eat along the way).
MARIA (Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association)
MARIA is a cornucopia of resources for the Manitoba artist. From their in-house writing room to their knowledgable staff and fantastic funding programs, MARIA helps to bring Manitoba artists into your living room and venues. They pick up where comercial radio leaves off for Canadians. This last month I was the proud recipient of a Market Access grant from MARIA. Their support meant the difference between being heard and not being heard. Thank you for the opportunity!
Stan Rogers Presented by Fogarty's Cove
A huge thanks goes out to the Fogarty's Cove Musician Scholarship Fund who is assisting me with my trip to the North American Folk Alliance Conference this year in Memphis. Your help has made all the difference!

Canada - Our home - Canada's Cultural Gateway
We learn all about our country in elementary school and then promptly forget. TIME TO REMEMBER and will help. Everything you wanted to know about the rich culture that literally sits right in your own backyard. Find a festival, find an artist from any descipline, find out about those who built the land you sit on. Let me know what you think!
CBC Poll of the Greatest Canadians
Here are some folks we should take a moment to celebrate. Well, that is the case for most of them anyway.
While still in the building phase, WinnipegWebTV is committed to showing homegrown folks and international inquistors why Winnipeg is a great city to live in through a visual, video medium. Use it to find out what is going on, to hear the best in local talent and to highlight the cool and must-see. Thanks so much to Pete for putting together a site we can all use and be proud of! Be sure to check in periodically to see what has been added.

Folk Music Resources

North American Folk Alliance
The North American Folk Alliance Conference is close at hand. Check out this link for folk resources, membership information and all you ever wanted to know about the largest folk conference in North America.

Favourite Music Right Now

Luther Wright
"Re-build the Wall"!!!!!
Rusted Root
Multi-ethnic earth groove.
Ember Swift
Ultra-cool jazz fusion with top quality vocals.
The Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Groovy, industrial blues.

Musical Influences

Stan Rogers
Everything you needed to know about the man and more. Also, of course, a huge influence.
Where I hope to take my budding abilities at Tuvan throat chanting one day. If you have not heard these folks, then CLICK ON THEM FIRST. They will blow your socks off!
David Rogers at Stan
Scroll down to the Now Available from Fogarty's Cove Music section and click on David Rogers for some of the finest acoustic guitar playing you've heard since Don Ross.
Bill Bourne
One of Canada's greatest gifts to the musical world and the inspiration for "Tuesday morning"
J.S. Bach
So much of my musical training included Bach harmony.
Chris Cornell
Frontman for Audioslave and Soundgarden (two of my favourite bands). Chris has excellent vocal range and good guitar skills.
Nirvana (Kurt Cobain)
Take some time one day to examine some of Kurt's more personal and intimate songs. You will find a highly talented writer with a different set of tricks than most have been comfortable using.
Gordon Lightfoot
A national treasure! One of the people who put Canadian music on the map in the 60's and the 70's.

Radio Stations

Regina's Mighty Shores
Longtime AMAZING supporters and fabulous people.
One of the best radio stations in Winnipeg
Hello to Broose and the gang!
Canada's oldest radio station bent on (appropriately, I believe) promoting CANADIAN music. Thanks CKUW for never changing your mind! Tom - wrote a new song for you out of our Mountain conversation.

What's New and Hot in Winnipeg (as far as i know)