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Hello Everyone!

Big News!!

Dale Brown and I will be appearing at Alianait Arts Festival starting June 25th!!

Super fun!

I'm going back to Nova Scotia in July of 2014!!

Dale and I will be teaching and causing terrible mayhem at The Road to Stanfest Songwriting Camp in Sherbrooke Village, starting on Monday, June 30th.

Here's the link:

Man, that's gonna be fun! Other instructors include Kim Dunn, Lennie Gallant and Chuck Brodsky! Wowzers!!!

For all my lovely friends (and numerous relatives), I will be at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival, which starts on the 4th of July this year!

It's always an amazing festival, whether it rains or shines. In such a lovely part of the world, you could do a lot worse than to come to a world-class music festival!!

The following week I will be in lovely Ingersoll, ON. for the Canterbury Folk Festival. This will be my first time there and I couldn't be more excited. It comes highly recommended and it's "just the right size" for a festival of its kind. Can't wait!

A week later I will be at the Home County Folk Festival in London, ON. I last played there a few years back and it was a whole heaping helping of fun! I'm looking forward to another full-size serving of awesome in the lovely city of London!

Looks like this year's summer festivities will take place in the East and Ontario!

See you then!

Please see the Calendar section for more info!

Thanks, and remember,

Nathan Rogers couldn't do this alone. None of this happens without the love and support of my two favourite people:

Amber (my gorgeous wife) and

Bella-Sophia (my equally beautiful daughter)

Thanks very much to everyone who has supported the new band, "Dry Bones", featuring myself, Leonard Podolak, JD Edwards and Gilles Fournier

...and...just a reminder

"The Gauntlet" is available through Borealis records ( and we are pleased to say that the reviews have been very favourable. Check out the "News" section of the website for more.

And, yes, I am writing for the next record. I have a few done already and they are head and shoulders above the songs on the last record. Within the next 18 months I would like to finish principal recording on "The Shepherds of Arcadia". Stay tuned....

Kickin' It by Justin Lee