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Nathan Rogers: Home

Big plans and happy news for the next few months!

Still working with Dale Brown on new material. It's super fun, so stay tuned for the mayhem we will unleash upon you in due time and course.

For now, check out this link:

While Dale is away at some music conferences I have some great shows coming up in Saskatchewan and Alberta! Working with Mike Cann from Alberta and Ivanka Watkin from here in Winnipeg. Will be a great couple of shows.

October 28th, 8:00pm, The Bassment, Saskatoon

October 30th, 7:30pm, Festival Place in Sherwood Park

Please see the "Calendar" section here for more details

I really appreciate the support we've been getting lately and we are working hard to create new music for our devoted fans.

Thanks, and remember,

Nathan Rogers couldn't do this alone. None of this happens without the love and support of my daughter Bella-Sophia

Big thanks to people who have been booking Dale and I lately.

...and...just a reminder

"The Gauntlet" is available through Borealis records ( and we are pleased to say that the reviews have been very favourable. Check out the "News" section of the website for more.

And, yes, I am writing for the next record. I have a few songs done already and they are head and shoulders above the songs on the last record.